04 Jun 2017

SSL Explained! Why is SSL Important For A Website?

What is SSL?

Before we get into the importance of it, some may be wondering what does it even mean? Some of you might have come across it somewhere or already familiar with this technical term. As an internet user, especially anyone who’s dealing with e-business, this is something you should take note of.

SSL also known as Secure Sockets Layer is a standard security technology that creates an encryption link between a web server and a browser. To put it simply, it helps to secure any data transmission made between a particular website and its user. To recognize site with SSL certificate, there will be a pad lock icon at the left side of the URL. Also, you will notice that the URL will start with ‘https’ instead of ‘http’.

How to recognize SSL:

  1. Website with SSL activated

Wee.my secured URL


  1. Website without SSL activated

Website without SSL

(Image via goody)


The Importance of SSL

  1. Keep away from imposter

 Keep away from imposter

(Image via symantec)

  • SSL has become an industry standard whereby millions of websites used it to protect their online transaction with their customers.
  • A website without SSL can be easily intercepted by a prying hacker and your information can be stolen such as details on a bank transaction or high-confidentiality information.
  • If a website is encrypted with SSL, it will bind together the user’s browser and the web server and keep it private so that no one else besides you and the particular website can see or access what you type into the browser.


  1. Build user trust

 Build user trust

(Image via entrust)

  • Everyone wants to know if a site is legitimate and that they could entrust their credit card number, email or other personal data especially when they’re making online purchases.
  • Internet users at this digital age are smarter than you think, most of them know how to differentiate a secured or unsecured website.
  • This would be a letdown to your business if they don’t see the SSL symbol on your URL. Isn’t it a shame that you just lose a potential customer just because you overlooked this tiny thingy?


  1. Google made it mandatory for all website

Google made it mandatory SSL

(Image via leaderssl)

  • Google is starting to mark site without ‘https’ as non-secured in order to better protect the privacy and security of sensitive information.
  • If you want to use positive way to boost your page rank in SEO, you may want to take this seriously as website with SSL certificate would be place first compared to the one without SSL certificate.


Hopefully, the information provided above is enough to make some sense on you at least about what is SSL and why does it matter. You might not find SSL as much as important right now but sooner or later it will become something inevitable for your website to have. It may not be free but it worth the pay.

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